Weeks 14 – 16 Update

Well.  The plan was always to blog every week in order to keep a diary of this rollercoaster ride that we find ourselves on and only a few blogs in and I fail!  I’ve missed a couple of weeks!  In my defence its been a bit mental as we have decided to buy our first house as well, so that will mean that by the time little bean arrives we will have got married, bought a house and had our first child all within 10 months.  No wonder I’m finding new grey hairs by the day!

I have also decided to not keep the blog anonymous anymore – now that things are a bit further down the line I feel a bit more comfortable being a bit more open about it.  So if you are reading this under the duress of being a family member/friend then stop moaning it’s a great idea!!

We had an appointment with the midwife last week in which we got to hear the babies heartbeat for the first time which was, quite frankly, one of the greatest things I have ever experienced.  I think that somehow it was more incredible than the initial scan that we had, somehow it felt more real.  It was a little stressful to begin with as it took the midwife a little while to find the little buggers heartbeat.  To be fair it was probably only 30 seconds but it seemed to last an age, and then there it was… like a miniature steam train chugging away!  I managed to get an audio file below but it’s not great quality as I had to stay far enough from the machine not to get the interference.  Even so there is definitely life in there!


According to my pregnancy app bean is currently the size of an avocado and has both finger and toenails!  From experience these are the ones that are like tiny razors!  It also says that my nipple tenderness should calm down a bit which is marvellous!


maxicosi cabriofix

We have now started to look seriously at the stuff we are going to need when the little one arrives.  I scared myself in the last blog with a list of things we “need” but we have come to realise that there is a shed load of stuff out there that are nice to haves.  We have been really lucky and were given a brand new Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix car seat by some friends (who accidentally had 2 delivered) which is a huge bonus as it seems to rank highly in the safety stakes.  We have also continued our stock piling of super sensitive wipes, a tip given to us by a few different people.

We think we have settled on our prefered option for our travel system though we are still very much in the research phase so watch this space.  surprisingly enough it’s not the one that is £1499.99 in Mothercare that I thought came with its own private nanny!!  Currently the front-runner is a mid range one from Silver Cross

We also bought our first baby gift thanks to a free voucher from Mammas & Pappas – its only a little monkey (one of the few things within the budget of the voucher) but it is super cute and my wife Nikki is delighted by it as you can see below!  We have called him Marcel for the moment….

Nikki and Marcel

It’s all starting to feel more and more real…..


What I learned this week

  1. Babies use about 10 nappies a day in the first few weeks!
  2. Buying a house with a pregnant wife means YOU will be lifting and carrying everything
  3. £1499 pram systems come with a “free” cup holder.
  4. A Pregnant wife shouldn’t always have to be designated driver