Harry the Homeowner

Another month or so has passed and this time we have packed in major life event to go alongside the imminent birth of number 2.  I have switched jobs, after 8 long years it felt like the right time to try something new, in a new city, in Bath.  A few people told me it was stupid to change and that the timing wasn’t right but I have come to realise that happiness in work can really impact happiness outside of work.  Commuting from Swindon to Bath has meant that I see little H and Nikki slightly less, but the time I do spend with them is definitely more quality as I am already much happier and less stressed!

It’s October and we are now bum twitchingly close to being a 2 child family, 2 kids, 2 under 2 – sweet jesus what were we thinking.  We are 4 weeks out from the potential start time, though the due date is 7 weeks.  Who knows, it always feels just like a guess by the doctors – either way it is close and we seem to be a lot less concerned by it than the first time.  I guess that’s normal for number 2, everything is old news this time round – it’s still a wonderful, amazing thing but the gloss is much duller – it is much more about the practicalities.

Nikki is cooking the little one well though and we had the gender scan to confirm if the 90% certainty of it being a girl was correct.  The scan was a private one and as it turns out I think it was the quickest I have ever spent £50 in my life – the whole thing was over in 10 minutes.  We did though get the confirmation that the mountain of boys clothes could in fact be sold/donated/bined.  Apparently we are not allowed to dress the new little one in blue hand-me-downs and then pop on a pink bow on her head – no matter how much it might save us!  The guarantee of a girl has awoken a new beast in Nikki which  I can only assume has ignited the little girl in her as she has bought more and more pinker and cuter things!

One of the benefits of the scan was getting a freebie 4D look at the little one which was incredible seeing her yawn in 3D (not sure what the nonsense of calling it 4D is all about).  Here is one of the pics we got

In preparation for new baby we have embarked on the path of migrating Harry from the nursery on the top floor of the house to his newly refurbished room on the middle floor.  The room itself is lovely and as it’s on the same floor as the living room we have been encouraging Harry to play in it and get used to it.  He even “helped” me to build all the new IKEA furniture, which was more than can be said for Nikki who sat and gave helpful advice throughout…

Now that the room is mostly finished, less some wall decorations we are waiting for, we have started to load in some of Harry’s stuff including his toys and books and so far Harry has loved going in there to play, and slam the doors of his drawers and try to climb everything!

He has even taken to climbing into his big boy bed and pretending to be asleep – all good sings we thought, “this is going to be easy” I said.  “I don’t know what people moan about, Harry will be sleeping in his own bed before the weekend is out”.  Then the night came for him to sleep for the first time in his beautiful new bed.  I went downstairs to get the dinner on so that it would be ready for when Nikki came down stairs after putting him down in the usual 5 minutes that it takes to get him to sleep….

WRONG. wrong. wrong.

He went totally mental. Batshit crazy. Apeshit. Thermonuclear.  I think it is fair to say that it is the biggest meltdown he has had to date and I got to watch it live thanks to our new Nest cam in the bedroom.  You can see the “negotiation” happening below and the blurriness of Harry’s face gives away the seriousness of his refusal.

For some reason he just wasn’t interested in believing us that his new bed was amazing and that being in it would make him a big boy and he would love it. Nope he just lost it and we had to admit defeat, for now.  We will continue to play with him in there until he is ready to give it another go.  No doubt there will be more to discuss next time round.

On a more positive note Harry has spent lots of time with grandma and granddad and even managed to convince each of them to get into the soft-play with them on 2 different occasions…

I think the “oldies” were having more fun!

Till the next time….

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