Harry The Head Injury Specialist

So a lot of time has again passed without a blog and an awful lot seems to have happened in the last few months to Harry.  Most of these at the moment seem to involve his head and impacts with various objects.  So far we have had headbutting a trolley, tripping on the carpet, tripping on the hardwood floor, tripping on nothing, headbutting a glass table, tripping on a ball, with a ball and trying to kick a ball – essentially every feasible object in the house seems to be a Harry trip hazard.

Here are the latest 2 injuries which make him look like he has done a few rounds with McGreggor

Injuries aside Harry has had an exciting few months with lots of personal developments for him and for us as a family.  His walking is amazing and he is officially toddling around all over the place.  It is stressful to watch him as he careers from one side of the room to the other like a bulldozer but he is getting the hang of it.  He also talks now. A lot.  He definitely gets that from Nikki – so we are having to watch what we say now as we both have potty mouths.  We did have a scare a couple of weeks ago which we still havent figured out where Harry kept falling over before exclaiming ‘Bugger!’ every time.  We haven’t nailed the culprit yet though as it isn’t something either of us would say!  Luckily it seems to have passed and certainly hasn’t been upgraded to anything more sinister.

His freedom of movement now means that the world of the play park is suddenly more interesting, though he again seems to be using this as a chance to find more things to headbutt.  He learned an important life lesson about 1 minute after this picture was taken, which is that climbing up the slide can result in a face plant.

What has been a real joy is watching his interactions with his cousins, who I think it is safe to say have a mutual love for him, especially when playing in an adventure playground for the first time.

His eating and appetite have certainly moved along as we would expect and he is getting to the point where he can feed himself and get most of it in his mouth rather than all over him.  I have personally learned the hard way that he doesn’t like to have the spoon taken off him during his yoghurt time, even if he is just throwing it all over the place.  That kind of intervention is met with this face.  Note the real tears.  Which stopped within a matter of seconds.  He is already a professional hissy-fitter.

We took Harry camping another 2 times following our earlier successes and we again had a whale of a time.  Luckily as we met up with the family each time I wasn’t left to my own devices to get set up as we could palm Harry off onto Uncle Steve or Uncle Paul (AKA the birdman!).  This made for fewer arguments and quicker erections (that’s what she said)!  Here is an example of the calmness being put into action by Steve…

Whilst camping we ticked a few items of his baby bucket list..

We went to Monkey World and got to see a few of the chimps and gorillas up close which he seemed to love.  He did though decide that with his new-found freedom that he needed to walk everywhere himself, which was cute for the first hour or so…


He enjoyed some quality time on the beach in his new mobile beach hut where he learned the hard way that eating sand isn’t all that fun!

We napped a lot!

We revisited Corfe Castle which gave us the chance to revisit the picture from last time we were down near Swanage which you can see here: (http://www.anewdad.co.uk/harry-the-weaner/). Hasn’t he grown, especially as the carrier is the same one!

Nikki is cooking nicely and we had the 2nd scan for Bean mk2 and we have decided this time that the joy and mystique of keeping the gender a surprise has been outweighed by the practicalities of planning for life with 2.  As such, at the 20 week scan this time we didn’t do the awkward look away at the important moment and instead we were filled with joy to find out that a little girl will complete our family!  Well.  with a 80-90% certainty anyway – she was in an awkward position which made life a little difficult.  Nikki was ordered by the nurse to get a chocolate bar to get the baby moving – the second time in her life she has been prescribed Cadbury’s.

We have subsequently booked a private scan to get a little more assurance on the gender so that we know if we can get rid of the boys clothes mountain which we have kept for now.

All in all another good few months and in keeping with our style of cramming life events I finished my job of 8 years on Friday and took a job in Bath at another marketing agency so will update soon with more about that and life with Harry and Nikki.  I got this card though….

…Amazing.  Thank you people of Equimedia and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday people of SearchStar!

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