Harry The Film Critic

Well that’s embarrassing. 2 months have somehow managed to sneak by without me getting my ass in gear with a blog or 2!

Quite a lot has happened with Harry passing 9 months old, but most shockingly of all for some, this weekend, we had to take drastic action and attempt to take the bouffant.  Despite my love of his Trump/Boris style locks it was starting to look a little more Ziggy Stardust than we could cope with, so it was time to bring out the scissors.

Here he is a week or so before the cut practicing his “zero shits given” look, which is remarkably similar to Nikki’s fake smile that I am very familiar with


The hair cut itself was a relatively quick and painless affair with Jodie expertly maneuvering around his ever turning head.  It was amazing watching him step through another milestone with his first trim.  Lets see how he reacts next time when he is attacked with the buzz cut!


And here is the result – a cut that seems to have aged Harry by a good few months and turned him into a real little boy!  Thankfully the official advice was to leave the top pretty much as it was just crop out the mullet so his ears are no longer covered with hair.  Result.



Talking is the new order of the day at the moment with Harry opting to shout pretty much all of the time at the moment.  I think his 6 teeth are are adding to the repertoire of noises that he can make and they are also making for some incredible faces and expressions.  Nikki recently managed to capture a few of the latest ones.  My only hope for the coming weeks is for Harry to learn that it is socially unacceptable to practice his new found shouting before the hour of 6am.



We have been keenly testing out his new carrier, which we got nice and cheap from Ebay – its a Littlelife Lite and he absolutely loves being in it.  I think it is something about being up high that does it for him – we have been combining this with our National Trust membership as demoed below with Tom his Godfather obliging with the donkey work!



One of the highlights of the last 4 weeks or so for me has been a “daddy daycare” day that we had whilst Nikki was selfishly spa-ing for the day.  This left me to my own devices with the little man.  So my first task was to get Nikki to give me a detailed itinerary of Harry’s routine and then figure out what we could do with the 9hrs we had alone together.  The collage below sums up our day which involved H getting his first phone, which seemed to taste delicious, a fun walk out in the cold to the delights of Asda, some pizza (for me) and lots of shouting (from us both) and then his first taste of the Empire Strikes Back -which from the drooling and gurgling I am going to assume he loved.  Even if he didn’t I’ll just keep forcing him to watch it until he does!  I’d like to think Nikki knows I appreciate all she does but it did drive home again just how hard and tiring it is to keep such an active mind entertained.


Harry has once again passed his latest swimming course and in a week or so starts as a Cygnet level 2.  He has outgrown his last two swimming costumes, one of which was a 9-12 months one.  They boy is a unit!  He now has his new wet suit which he is thrilled with, as are we… 🙂



So there we have it.  I can promise that it wont be another 2 months before the next one!

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