Harry The Big Brother

Erm. So we have news. Yup It’s happened again….Newcastle have been promoted back to the Premier League at the first time of asking!  I can’t tell you how happy I am that I wont have to watch the shittest highlights show on earth as presented by George Riley on Channel 5.  I can once again look forward to seeing Newcastle losing to Stoke as they are shown at the end of the running order!

Harry and I watched the final days games where Newcastle were named champion and, as you can see Harry was thrilled! Given time and my constant pushing of the black and white shirt he will come to terms with the pain that is in store for him as an NUFC fan.

Yes, yes, I know – I’ve got the order of importance wrong.  Announcing the upcoming arrival of your second child is definitely more important than the amazing championship winning performance of a… yeah OK.

We are having another Baby!

Yay! Expected December  which means that we will, for 2 months, have two under 2 year olds!  What were we thinking?

So that’s it if you were just here to see what the scan picture meant…If you want to continue then below are a few more mundane updates from the May.

Firstly Harry seems to have aged by 3 years just by having his hair cut – this is his second haircut and it has taken him from chubby little baby to slightly rotund cool looking little man.  Having been the scene of one of the greatest melt downs in history of toddler-adult relations we were, to say the least, nervous.  The chosen salon was The Cutting Bar in town and to try to keep him calm I went first so he could see that the woman wasn’t there to try to kill him.  The only thing that scared me a little was the hairdressers choice of cutting implements.  As you can see she went for the Edward Scissor Hands style 9inch cutting blade scissors.  This made life a little tricky as Harry kept turning his head to see what was happening.  That being said he did amazing and once bribed with a quaver or two sat mostly still




And here is the resulting look, I’m sure you will agree it looks amazing!



Nikki did her thing and nailed her 16th Race for life, completing the 5k in a very respectable time.  I took Harry along to support and as you can see below he was engrossed…


We also took Harry to see the family in the North East to meet all of my family who hadn’t seen him.  We were all really looking forward to it, though it did include a 6hr drive.  With a 1-year-old.  In a car.  For 6 Hours.  What the fu..

We needed a plan.  Apparently doping your son isn’t really an option anymore – we did this to our cats when I was a kid and we got the train from Cornwall to Newcastle and it worked a treat.  We considered flying up there as an option and then renting a car but the cost of hiring a car seat made it actually quite expensive.  The train was an option for about 30 seconds until we realised we hadn’t won the lottery and so couldn’t afford it – unbelievably expensive.

So we were driving – we decided to plan it so that we were on the road from the second Harry woke up with Nikki traveling in the back chauffeur style so she could keep him amused and more importantly give him some breakfast.



This worked like a dream and without a single tear being shed or any whining from Harry (or Nikki) we were at the Nottingham Services.  After a 30 minute break and a monster Greggs breakfast we set off again and boom he fell asleep within 2 minutes of being back in the car.  He slept for an hour and a half in his car seat and then we deployed the in car DVD player pre loaded with Trolls (shite) which I had bungeed, McGuiver style, to the back of Nikkis seat – no thanks Halfords I don’t need a £30 head rest holder.  This kept him entertained enough for us to get there without any dramas.


Once there we toured the clan and had a wonderful time parading him round like a show pony.  Considering the change of environment and the funny sounding people up there he was his usual chilled out self and took it all in his stride.  The journey back was equally successful!  That being said the drive was still a monster so im not sure how it would go with 2 toddlers – maybe flying would be best next time!

A very exciting month and I can’t wait until Harry can understand that he soon will be a big brother – just to see his reaction – Just have to wait for the new one to finish baking!