Harry the One Year Old

Right, so embarrassing bit out of the way. I almost did what apparently 95% of bloggers do these days and gave up. Not because I wasn’t enjoying writing about our little man, but because I missed my self-set deadline for doing a monthly post, then another, then I thought it was too long since my last one and that no one would care, then I got some writers block (all pros get that apparently) then Nikki told me to stop being a nob and just get on with it, so I have, and so here it is!

It has been a few months since I last posted and things seem to have moved along at quite a pace in the Sharp household!

Firstly, he’s turned 1 year old. How did that happen? It is a total cliché to say that you should enjoy it or you’ll miss it but it’s so true. We decided to recreate one of the shots from the first few days after he was born on his birthday weekend and I think you would agree it’s amazing!

The highlight of his birthday for Harry was 100% his new Trike, which is amazing. We bought it with a voucher we got as a wedding present so it was even better as we are discovering very quickly how anything baby/child/birthday related comes with gouging premium! It is one of those which can grow with him so at the moment it is just another vehicle that reinforces his life as a mini emperor – we strap him in and then he is pushed around to his heart’s content without the need to expend any effort what so ever. It will be interesting to see how much he likes it once his own chubby little legs are the power source!

Anyway, here he is in all his glory sporting his easy rider look…

For the actual day of his birthday we both had the day off and so we decided to take him to Bristol Zoo for the day as we both loved it and took Harry there when he was still just a bump. To say the day was cold would be one of the greatest understatements ever told – what possessed us to take a 1 year old to a mostly outdoor zoo in early February is beyond me. That being said it was great fun and Harry did seem to take in quite a lot of the animals and was mesmerised by the aquariums which I would say were his favourite bits – this may be because he could feel his face at this point.

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The highlight of the day for me though came mid-way through the talk from the keepers where we had about 10 massive Gorillas in front of us whilst they were being fed outside – we had an amazing front row seat of the silver back as he was being hit in the face with bits of banana and courgette. I was so excited to see Harrys face and see his wonderment at these beautiful creatures…. however, Harry had other ideas. It was only 5 minutes in that I realised that he was staring intently not at the mother and baby gorilla 10 feet away, but the hideous 1 footed pigeon sat on the railings on the other side of the moat only to start crying when it flew off having seen enough itself.

Nikki proved once again that she is a safe nominee for mother of the year with her choice of cake for the little man. 2 test bakes and 2 gallons of coloured icing I came home from work to see the most amazing birthday cake that I have ever seen.


His personality has really developed over the last couple of months too and he is definitely taking the best and worst bits of Nikki and me. He has got Nikki’s temper and short fuse, something he demonstrates almost daily if he doesn’t get his own way be it feeding him his Weetabix too slowly or feeding him his Weetabix too quickly. Apparently, mummy is the only one who has mastered the correct feeding tempo as far as Harry is concerned. From me I would say he has mastered the art of basic animal identification having nailed the ability to say cat, dog and sort of pig, though listening to him try to copy the sound of a snorting piglet can make any tough day melt away into a puddle of joy.

We have been waiting with almost baited breath for Harry to become mobile be it crawling or walking but he has made it very clear that this is only going to happen on his time. He has mastered his own version of the commando crawl which is much more like Arnie’s terminator dragging his mangled body than it is a cute waddle. I think he will soon realise how much easier it is to get his belly off the floor and get onto all fours – I can imagine the next update will be filled with frustrations as he is trashing the house with his new-found freedom!

All in all an exciting few months and I think the start of an exciting period for Harry.