Harry The Christian

Another eventful month and a bit in the life of little Harry with a few updates to take you through!

Firstly and most importantly, Harry now lies still enough that I can face swap him using Snapchat – surely the pinnacle of any parents life.  I’m sure you would agree that the results are fabulous.  Nikki is less keen but what is more adorable than a Giraffe and an antelope lying together on a thick pile rug


Slightly more disturbing, and perhaps a view into the future for Harry is the below in which I look like one of the robots from IRobot and Harry looks, well, interesting!


My personal favourite though has to be me and Harry testing out the video elements.  I’m sure there will be more to follow!

Anyway, so onto the real stuff.  This weekend gone we had the most amazing time at Harry’s Christening.  Nikki and I talked long and hard about whether to go down the christening route or not.  On the one hand it does feel somewhat hypocritical as neither of us go to church on a weekly basis and we both have slightly differing views on how much we actually believe.  That being said we were both christened and we do both try to live our lives with christian values of just being nice to other people and this is something we wanted to pass on.   We decided that we didn’t want to make the choice for Harry and as baptism is really the first step it leaves the door open for him to pursue it if he wants to.

We picked Christchurch as the venue as it has history with the Moss family and it didn’t disappoint.  Harry shared the stage with another beautiful little boy named James and the Priest, a last minute stand in due to illness, was amazing.  She started by putting everyone at ease about having kids in there who may cry – definitely a change from the last time I went where you could see the annoyance of vicar as babies around the congregation had a go at crying!  Harry took it all in his stride and didn’t even bat an eyelid when the vicar struggled with his 23lb girth, balanced precariously over the font!

We followed up with a little bash at Mackenzies in town with around 80 friends and family and again it was amazing.  Harry is truely blessed to have so many people who care about him and he got some amazing presents, such a lucky boy!

It was really nice for me to have my 2 god children, Ostyn and Mila there to celebrate with us too!


We decided to use one of our wedding photographers, Shaun, to capture the day so there should be some photos to share next time.

We have also now started to use our National Trust membership with our first visit to a local place at Basildon Park.  Sadly they didn’t have any carriers for us to borrow so we have finally bitten the bullet an ordered our own.  We opted for a Littlelife Lite and managed to pick up a new one from eBay for 30 quid.  We have tried it out for a little walk out locally and as you can see below Harry absolutely loved it.


I think that it is safe to say that this will get a lot of use, though with Harry’s growing size we may need to switch to a cart soon!

Whilst I have been at work recently Nikki has been attending loads of classes with Harry and one of their favourites seems to be Hartbeeps Baby Bells and based on the pictures I get through Harry seems to have a whale of a time! I have to admit it brightens my day to see these two together having fun.

Judge for yourself, there seems to be a strange hat theme…

French Maids


Playboy Bunnies(!?)


YMCA Member


Stag Do Yob





I’m not sure what other hat themes are coming in the next few months, but I will be sure to keep you updated.

The last thing to mention this month is the fact that we have managed to get the first 6 months of this blog printed into a real and tangible book.  When I started this back at just 9 weeks I hoped that it would be something that Harry one day might read it and this makes that dream closer to reality.  I got it from Blog2Print.com over in the US and I have to say the quality is brilliant and the process is so simple.  Nikki and I have had great fun reading through ourselves, reminiscing about the madness of the last 14 months.


The book has spurred me on to keep going with the blog over the coming years!