Harry The Olympian

I write this weeks blog whilst eating a Twix and watching the Olympics.  Never have I felt so out of shape, though I’m fairly sure this pommel horse nonsense must be easy, though not sure I could actually get on the horse, let alone do some funky break-dancing on one!

Our own Olympics has been getting Harry to eat new things.  He is well on his journey to culinary delight thanks to Nikki’s well planned regime.  Now he has hit six months we basically have a free reign for him to try anything (within reason).  We have a really good book by Annabel Karmen which has a schedule but we have just sort of ambushed him with all kinds of new things. It does though promote the idea of baby led weaning which encourages Harry to feed himself or as in our case it encourages him to throw food everywhere and end up looking like one of those nightmare kids on You’ve Been Framed!

The supermarket at this stage is insane with aisles and aisles of different jarred foods.  But what do you go for?  Cow & Gate, Hipp, Heinz or Asda Own Brand – they are all in deals as well.  It’s too much.  Too many choices.  For the moment we have made the decision to stick with the blender and blend the shit out of everything instead!


I have been trying to record his reaction to as many as possible as it is incredible to see someone trying something for the first time.  We have a number of definite likes and dislikes so far

Carrots – he definitely likes carrots, I think partially because he can hold them and sort of mash them into his own face.  He was less impressed with broccoli, which you can see below


Melon is most definitely in the yes column,  my phone produced the gif below which illustrates his struggles.  At one point he just face planted the slice, mouth open.  Full marks for problem solving.


In fact I would go as far as to say that this is the closest thing to crack that Harry is likely to see.  Once he mastered the grip we couldn’t get it back off him.


Blueberries and peach I would say are a bit of a favourite.  The reaction to blueberries on their own was much less euphoric than we got below.  This picture also captures Harry’s first ever “Jazz Hands”!


Peas & Sweetcorn – a disgusted no.  Below is his classic look of “what the f@$k do you call this…”.  Nikki is insistent that this must just be a texture thing as this is her ultimate hangover cure so I think she was a little disappointed he didn’t like it!  Personally I think sweetcorn is the devil’s food, so I’m with Harry!


A bit of cooked salmon on the move? (we enjoyed a lovely day out at Lacock Abbey)  He wasn’t sure on this one, though to be fair it was also the first meat of any kind he has had so I imagine the texture took him by surprise. (again, notice the look I mentioned)


Yoghurt is most certainly on the list of likes and although he gets it everywhere he loves it!


The single greatest rejection though was thankfully caught on video by Nikki below.  The teenager like gag a few seconds in is my favourite bit.  I guess the sharpness of apple might be one to try again in a few weeks!

I think that covers the food for now – I will keep recording as I can and report back on any other major winners or losers.  It is worth mentioning the fabulous bib that you can see in the video above, it is from one of our good friends sites Bazzle Baby – check them out they are awesome!

Harry’s sleeping continues to amaze us and he is now, more often than not, sleeping through from 7 till 6am.  I think our decision to get into a routine early with bath, bottle and bed is really paying off.  He has started to move in his cot quite a lot now and we regularly seem to find him up at the top of the cot like this.


He has also started to do a bit of a Steve McQueen routine when he is in the cooler in The Great Escape and bangs his dummy off the bars, or runs them back and forth along them.  Whilst this sounds cute at 8pm, 4am is an entirely different thing.

Really exciting times continue to roll in for us in the Sharp household here.  Harry is coming into his own and is finding his voice, his personality and finally his true hairline as his cradle cap is subsiding. He looks much less like Sven Goran Errikson these days!

Loving life!