Harry The Weaner

Harry is eating food!  Well, kind off.  Today for the first time in his life he had something other than milk to eat.  Nikki and I have read shit loads of stuff about stuff we should do, stuff we shouldnt do and how to wean him off properly.  Well, we just did it anyway – for the 50th time in Harry’s 5 months we were overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting advice!

After the success we have had with the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine for doing Harry’s milk we were thrilled to get this bad boy off of my Mum.  It’s mental because it blends and steams at the same time.  You pop in the veg, press some buttons and boom you have puree 2o minutes later.


Success isn’t a strong enough word to describe the experience.  Successful and truly amazing.  Harry looked like a crack addict the second the pureed carrot touched his lips.  He couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

Here he is with his first supper…


So for the last week we have been away with Harry and my parents for his first holiday which has been amazing.

Rather than rabble on about our time down in West Bay, I think that the only way to do it justice is to tell it with pictures.


Our First family photo on the beach (he was the most pasty person on the sand that day!)

Harry judging some family petanque (in his new chair that has already helped him to sit up pretty much unaided)



Harry enjoying a classic working mans bath in the kitchen sink of our static.  Can you get more British than this…? (this might be my favourite picture yet of the little man)



One of our many walks on the promenade (he has already bonded with Foxy, an amazing comforter gift from our friends).



The only element that I will elaborate on was our amazing day out at Corfe Castle.  Not only because it was our first journey into middleagedness as we joined the National Trust, but also because we discovered one of the best, most fun things.  We naively arrived at the castle with Harry in his car seat/pram combo, only to be faced with a near vertical climb to the castle gates.  I guess when they built the castle back in the 11th century they didn’t really consider push chair access!

So anyway, the really helpful people at the gate offered us, for free, the use of one of their carriers (or a Papoose as my dad kept calling it).  It was a Littlelife Ranger.  We put Harry in not sure how he would react and, again, he bloody loved it.  I was in the unfortunate scenario that I couldn’t actually see him, being the mule but I could certainly hear the giggles.  My dad managed to capture the moment amazingly well on his phone.



The carrier was so comfy for both of us that we are currently prowling the internet for the best deal to get our own.  After all, now that we are members of the National Trust we have a lot of walking ( and cream teaing) to do!

Until next time…