Harry the European

Well that escalated fast.  1 minute Boris is hanging from a zipwire ahead of the Olympics and the next minute we’ve left Europe and he is pretty much nailed on to run the country!  I won’t go into Brexit as to be honest I’m entirely sick of reading about it.  Facebook on the day it happened was incredible.  Both Nikki and I discussed how to vote in the lead up and to be honest we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t get any hard facts about what would happen if we left, so we chose remain.  So when we woke up it was certainly a shock, but from reading Facebook you would have thought we’d woken up to a nuclear attack! I will hold judgement for the moment and see what happens, it certainly does feel odd wondering what impact Thursday will have on Harry’s life.

Whilst eating breakfast I did try to ask harry what he thought of the news and I think this sums it up…


It has been a while since the last blog and I wont bother apologising, as its been too many times already! So somehow Harry is now almost 5 months old and he is becoming a real chunk!  He has developed creases where I didn’t know people got creases and it’s just too cute.  To be fair he is bang on the weight that he should be and each day he looks less and less like a baby and more like a little man.  He has most certainly discovered his voice now, which is amazing most of the time, just not at 5 in the morning when he seems to think it’s acceptable to just shout at the mobile hanging over his head!

I have come to realise that we really are blessed with a good ‘un – we have successfully managed to cut out his 11pm feed now and have managed to get into a routine where he goes down at 6.30 and sleeps till 3/4.  Nikki then feeds him and he goes down again until about 6.30.  I know.  Good isn’t it!  I don’t know what all of the people were moaning about when they said they never got any sleep, this is easy*.  Sometimes, when we are really lucky, he goes 6.30 – 6.30.  Straight through!

Harry has now started swimming which I got to watch for the first time last week.  He has joined the Aquatots group at our local pool as Nikki and I both felt that getting him used to the water at a young age is really important.  We both went swimming as kids and you just hear so many horror stories in the press that we wanted him to have the best head start possible.  The course itself is once a week and I got to sit on the side in the hottest room on earth and watch my infant son get dunked by the instructor!  I wont lie, it was making me twitch each time they “Dolphin Dived” him which basically involved blowing on his face to activate a crazy breath gulping reflex, then taking him completely under the water and out to Nikki.  He handled it like a champ and didn’t seem to get flustered at all.  It is all certainly a big step forward from his first experience in the pool at Cheddar Gorge!

The other thing that can’t pass without a mention is Harry’s attendance at Swindon Comicon this year.  Of course being the nerd that I am I couldn’t not get him dressed up.  Luckily, as people know me we had a number of options to choose from, including the R2D2 outfit from the last blog.  I opted for this little stormtrooper number…

Now, I know what your thinking, his head is big, but it isn’t that big – don’t worry he isn’t really allowed to touch my stuff so the helmet is just for show!  The outfit really did work though and got him an awful lot of attention, especially from the ladies… though most were dressed in things that quite honestly scared me.

We did meet a few cool cosplayers though, like Baymax

and some fellow stormtroopers (alright you geeks there’s a clone trooper in there too.  Whatever)

It was all very cool and not just for Harry!  I really can’t wait for Harry to be old enough to know what is going on so that I can force him to be a fellow nerd

The highlight of my short time so far with Harry has to be my first fathers day with him.  I really didn’t think it was possible to love a man like I do him, even when I have his shit under my finger nails and vomit on my face he still manages to make it all worth while with a simple smile.  I can’t wait to see him grow into the personality that is already starting to shine through!

All in all another good couple of months.