Harry The Droid

Harry is 12 weeks old today.  12 weeks already.  3 months (technically on the 9th but hey!) old.

So as I say every time a lot has happened in the month or so since the last blog.  That being said some things are constant, for example, Harry is creating smells that have on 3 occasions this week made me gag almost to the point of no return!  I look back to the post where we were panicking about the 9 days that he had gone without going for a poo.  What the hell was I thinking!

We have had some progress on the sleeping front.  Harry is almost the size of his moses basket already so we have accelerated our plans of moving him into his big boy bed.  He has taken to it really well.  We started out by tricking him so that he would go to bed initially in his moses basket and then after his 4am Nikki would put him back into his cot.  I imagine it to be like my misspent youth when I would wake up in my own bed after a few drinkypoos but have no recollection of getting there!

Now this has been going really well and we have even started putting him in his cot for his daytime naps so he is definitely getting used to being in there.  The only problem now is that we both seem to huddle around this little thing like tramps on a ham sandwich, despite our recent new tv purchase.  We have also mastered the art of leaving a room in reverse, in absolute silence,  whilst shutting the door.


He is getting close to going all the way through the night now too and so we are down to feeding at 8pm, then putting him to bed and he is getting through to about 3am.  So 7 hours of sleep at a time so far at a time.  Fingers crossed!  As Nikki is likely to read this I should probably qualify that by saying that she gets up for the 3am feed. not me. I sleep through.

We had our first night out last week.  Date night!  We went to our new favourite restaurant in Swindon – Old Town Thai.  We started out with a trip to the cinema to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  What a film. I know it got slated by the critics and all but what the hell are they expecting? It’s a film about 2 blokes who have the single worst disguises and somehow manage to keep their identities a secret. Oh and 1 is dressed as a bat, and the other wears underpants on the outside.  Come on critics you knobheads it’s a super hero film!!  It was good, a little sign-posted, I presume for our friends over the pond, but I liked it.


What was better was Nikki confessing that she checked her phone in the toilet to see if Harry was OK.  Nanny and Grandad stayed at ours with him so I knew he was in the safest of hands!  I think she checked her phone every 17 minutes throughout the evening, but who’s counting.  The Thai food was unbelievable, it really is a great place for anyone looking to go for a nice meal.  We followed up by trying to relive our youths in some of the bars in Old Town.  This ultimately ended in shame as we climbed into our taxi and headed for home at 9.30.  Yup.  A time before most people had actually ventured out!

Harry is becoming so interactive now and it’s amazing to watch.  We can literally see him experiencing things for the first time.  We finally got round to getting some batteries for his new playmat that someone gave to us.  It’s from Mamas and Papas and is really cute.  It has foot kicky things that changes the music when he hits them.  Now admittedly more often than not it’s more by luck than judgement.  Either that or he is actually a footballing genius!  The only down side is that I find that I’m willing him to hit one of the targets just so the music will change.


You can see from the image at the top of this blog, Harry has finally grown into some of his Star Wars themed baby grows, so we tried a couple on to see if there was anything appropriate for the upcoming Swindon Comicon.  I think he looks cute as R2D2 so that will probably be his outfit.  Unless I find something amazing on the internet in the meantime.

That about does it for now so I will leave you with one last photo.  I havent checked with Nikki before posting these but I couldn’t resist putting Harry though a snap chat filter or two.  I mean come on, what is more “down with the kids” than that!  Anyway. This was the result, something of real beauty I’m sure you will agree.  Either that or it’s one of the weirdest things I have seen! Love him


Sorry Nikki!

So, the things I have learned this week:

  1. Nikki can suffer from separation anxiety after approximately 2 minutes, though this can be extended to 5 with the introduction of wine.
  2. Harry should never attend a children’s party dressed as a panda.
  3. Even at just 12lbs 13 Harry is a real chunk to hold for any length of time, hallelujah for our v-pillow!
  4. There are 92 Star Wars figures for me to collect and I’m fairly sure only 70 or so will fit into the case mounted on the wall.  dilemma.