Harry The Traveller

So, I have been sat here for the last 20 minutes trying to think of a way of starting a blog that doesn’t comment on how shockingly quick time is moving or Harry is growing up too fast. I can’t think of any other way to do it though as both of those are so true.

It has been another eventful few weeks as we hit Harry’s 2 month birthday. He is now very much starting to take notice of things and is most certainly a smiler!

We took Harry on his first real road trip to take him up to see Grandma and Grandad again up in Rutland.  Was nice to see the family and to hear about how much he has grown.  He also had his obligatory introduction to the infamous Foxton Locks – very much a Sharp family tradition it would seem, I believe this was Nikki’s 3rd time to see them.  But then what can be as exciting as experiencing an inclined plane boat lift and a staircase lock system.  It was nice to see Harry get spoiled with so much love as he did for that long weekend away!

We have now also ticked off another thing from the family bucket list. The first family holiday. Something which on paper is an easy thing to both pack for and prepare for, but in reality as I have discovered is a right old palava! Nikki is a real list maker and so was in her element when faced with the below (which I would say represents approximately 10% of the total stuff we took with us). As you can see Harry very much took it in his stride…


So once we had packed up the car and wedged Harry into his car seat we made our way to our home for the next 4 days – Cheddar Woods Resort and Spa. Now I haven’t done many reviews before but I have to say the place was lovely. We were away for our 1 year wedding anniversary so wanted somewhere that was special, relatively close to home, with enough room for Harry oh and a hot tub, yes, scrap all that, a hot tub! We stayed in one of their Mendip Premier lodges as it gave us the extra room that we wanted for Harry and was still massively cheaper than a Forest Holidays stay that we had originally looked at. The park was also lovely and included a little club house with the spa, a restaurant and nice little swimming pool.

Of course we tried out the Jacuzzi and it was, well, wonderful. All houses, holiday homes and caravans should have one. There is nothing quite like sitting in one, drinking Champaign and boiling until a shrivelled prune like consistency. The addition of a cold rainy night and some Amsterdam style mood lighting is just the icing on the cake. Harry’s savings fund is very much under threat from this newly discovered luxury.


I will say this the most delicate way possible – as I know that not only does my mum reads this, but also that hopefully one day Harry will – but I really don’t understand how people get pregnant so soon after having a baby.  Our midwife even gave us the talk in our exit checks before we left the hospital, it was like being at school again. Use protection she said!  Well.  Harry takes care of that these days… lets leave it at that and when he is 18 I will give him a real humdinger of a dead arm as payment for his bad timing!

As you can see from the first photo we had decided to take this opportunity to take Harry swimming for the first time and test out these magical swimming nappies that somehow contain everything without spilling the goods. We also decided to get his lordship his own seaworthy vessel from Amazon. Not too expensive really and one that will hopefully last for a few months at least. Once we decided to go swimming we learned another lesson in parenting which is the time it takes to both prepare for and recover from a 15 minute swim. I timed it at approximately 30 minutes each side. Such a faff! Harry took to it like, well like a baby in the most yellow inflatable raft ever produced. He wasn’t ever really sure if he enjoyed it to be honest. He gave a look of nonchalance from the second his toes hit the water to when we pulled him out again. To be fair I think the setting wasn’t ideal as there were a lot of older children playing with a volleyball so were being really loud so maybe not the ideal intro.


Both of these trips away have made us realise 1 key thing.  Our car is already too small, or we have too much crap.  Either way we have a new auto coming at the weekend.  We have upgraded our Citroen C4 for a Ford C-Max, a proper dad car and it comes with a tow bar – all very grown up!  But that is one for another day.

Holiday to one side Harry had his jabs today which is one of the saddest things I have ever had to go through so far.  He woke up this morning with such reckless abandon and then had to endure the biggest betrayal of his short little life.  Nikki played a blinder and asked me to hold him in the nurses room.  So it was me he looked up at when the sweet little nurse stuck what must have seemed to him like a spear into his thigh on the left.  He then went the angriest of red colours before I switched him over to have the other side jabbed twice.  I think it is the worst he has cried since he arrived, awful, just awful.  To top it all off he is now effectively a chemical warfare weapon after being given a tiny dose of RotaVirus to line his stomach.  We are now like a couple of paranoid loons washing our hands every 5 minutes to make sure we don’t end up with the shits ourselves!

All in all a stressful end to our few days off, but what I guess is a right of passage for us all.

So, the things I have learned this week:

  1. Swimming with a 2 month old needs a good 2 hour window
  2. The luggage capacity of a family car, when travelling with a child, is actually comparable to that of a small commercial jet – but even then it isn’t enough
  3. Newcastle United will be playing championship football next year
  4. I love my wife more each year we are married!