Weeks 35-39 Update

39 weeks down.  1 to go.  7 days.  168 hours. 10,080 Minutes. 604,800 seconds. Well, that or any minute now.

We have almost made it over the finish line, 39 weeks for goodness sake.  I can’t believe how quickly it has come round.  I mean it was christmas 5 minutes ago and now we are on the verge of actually becoming parents of having another human dependent on us.  That ‘none’ box that I have so casually checked on forms for the past 3o years for dependents will now switch!

Christmas seems but a blink of an eye now as we close in on February.  It was amazing spending time with the family and I think for the first time neither Nikki or I were ill.  We got a real taste of things to come with little bean getting more gifts than both of us.  As I posted a few weeks ago I sadly lost my nan last year so it was nice to spend some time with my remaining soon to be great grandparents and even managing to sneak a quick Christmas day pint in with my dad, granddad and brother.


So in 2016 we have been busy getting everything ready for when the moment finally comes.  The bag is now officially packed and in the car waiting along with the car seat and Nikki’s hallowed notes.  I won’t go into detail about what is in there because if im honest I only know 11% of what is actually in there.  That being said on the day I should probably know where things are in there  as the beast, er I mean Nikki, will be demanding to know where everything is and wanting it now!


Sadly we still haven’t yet been given the greenlight to use the birthing suite as Nikki still has a low iron count, so we have resigned ourselves to the main ward.  Lets face it, we could get up to the hospital and the birthing suite of 4 rooms could be full anyway so it’s far from the end of the world.  Everything else pregnancy wise though is ticketyboo so Nikki is primed and ready to pop.

Nikki is on maternity leave now and into her second week.  I think to pass the boredom she has taken to baking and so far we have had a chocolate cake and some delightful cookies.  I hope the baby comes soon as at this rate I fear I will end up looking like chunk from the Goonies.

The house is coming along nicely and I can safely say that I hate the guy who designed these little bastards.   I have seen enough of these to last a lifetime of lifetimes.  A mixture of new Ikea and Homebase furniture has left my fingers worked to the bone and actually broke a screwdriver!


That being said the boss is happy, which means that I am happy and the house is looking good, the nest is taking shape.  We have been spending a lot of time getting the nursery up to speed and making sure we have all the gadgets and gizmos money can buy.  This weekend we put the final touches on it with some amazing wall stickers from Mothercare and I have to say we are both Thrilled with the results, combined with the 3 canvas picture from next that was an absolute bargain the giraffe theme is coming together.


Here are the new floating box shelves to complete the decor.  Until we know bean’s sex we have decided not to buy anymore.  Fingers crossed for a boy so I can fill the room with Newcastle United and Star Wars paraphernalia!!


We have gone “high-tech” with our baby monitor, picking up a Motorola MBP 25 very cheaply in the January sale.  We did the obligatory video chatting to each other in different rooms for about 30 minutes just to make sure it works and it seems pretty good.  I think it’s an older model now but the reviews are good and so far we are pleased.  I have set it up as you can see above, with some trunking to keep little bean from fiddling with it when he/she is old enough.

Sadly I don’t have any Star Wars related updates this week.  That gravy train seems to have ended and we may now have to wait until Rogue One is released in December.  Instead Nikki and I have managed to get through all of the episodes of Making A Murderer. I won’t ruin it, just implore you to watch it as it’s amazing and urge you never to piss off an American Sheriff.  We have also chewed through all the series of Luther which is pretty good.  Maybe we watch too much telly?!

So there we have it, the last entry in the pre birth series, the next time I post on here I will be on paternity leave and no doubt a tad more delirious from the tiredness than I am now. My phone is primed and I now check it more often than a 14-year-old school girl checking to see if the moment that I have been trying to prepare for for the last 30 weeks has arrived.

I can’t wait though, we can’t wait.


What I learned this week

  • Flat pack furniture should get f@#ked
  • Pregnant women pee at least 5 times every evening and dismount a bed with the grace of a circus walruss
  • Eating an additional 1000 calories worth of freshly baked cakes or cookies a day is not a long term lifestyle option
  • The film The Rock is as good today as it was the first time I watched it in 1990’s