Weeks 33-34 Update

I thought it would be worth now getting into the habit again of blogging weekly as we enter what I will casually and in a Kenny Loggins style call the “danger zone”!

It has been quite a busy week too with the completion of our NCT Signature Antenatal Course and, of course, the full release of Star Wars The Force Awakens!

OK, so business first….I mentioned the NCT course briefly in the last blog but I really would recommend it to anyone who is having their first.          To give you an outline of ours it was 2 full days and then a separate 2.5 hours to talk breast feeding.  Amy our instructor was really great and did a good job of bringing us as a group together.  There were 12 of us in the sessions and as with all group things my concerns were:

  1. feeling and probably looking stupid – though to be fair I seem to accomplish this in most scenarios anyway
  2. not getting on with the other members
  3. It all being a bit too group huggy

Luckily I needn’t have worried on either count!

The first session focused heavily on the labour and birth side of things and took us from the first signs of labour all the way through to the third stage of labour.  I wont deny that some of the bits made me feel a little out of place and at times a bit Britishly awkward but equally it armed me with the ability to help Nikki through it all.  I think it’s the small things that I now know that will help the most, like who will bundle into our room should things take a turn for the worse or what the midwife will be looking for when little bean first pops out!  The format of group discussion worked really well too when, for example, we all debated the pros and cons of the varying pain relief options and shared stories of friends and families birthing experiences.

The second full session built on this and moved into looking after the new human that has arrived!  This was particularly good for me as I feel this is when I will have my chance to shine and help Nikki out more.  It ranged from how to change a nappy, complete with some interesting pooh substitutes all the way through to when and who we can expect to pop round and say hi!

The only session I felt a little uneasy with was the breast feeding one.  Now I know this is a topic that will always invoke a lot of discussion and debate but to me it all felt a bit pushy.  Now this isn’t anything to do with the instructor, Elena – she was wonderful and full of great advice – I think it is more the NCT stance in general.  I think that most would indeed agree that breast is indeed best but from my experience of talking to friends it isn’t always that simple.  Some mothers or babies simply don’t get on with it and if this is the situation for us the last thing I want is for Nikki to feel in any way pressured to do anything!

All in all I feel if there were a printable word certificate it would have mine and Nikkis name on it to say that we are qualified!  In fact I might print one anyway!

One of the nice elements of the NCT class is the fact that we have already booked in a reunion for March so we can all get together in our various states of disheveled, sleepless mania to celebrate our little ones and compare stories.

Here is our before picture…


Good Luck Tomas & Tigi, Sam & Mark, Katherine & Adam and Anke &Luke!  See you on the flip side 🙂

The other big news, of course is the launch of Star Wars The Force Awakens.  I assume you know what I’m talking about, even if you have been living in a cave for the past 12 months you have probably heard it mentioned.  I won’t do any spoilers as that isn’t the done thing is it!

That being said I did go to the 12.05 showing on opening night which did mean getting into bed a 03.15 but it was 100% worth it.  I have to say it has the first film (not only star wars based) that has taken me back to being 5 again.  It was superb.  A bit more of a remake than I was expecting in terms of storyline but none the less they nailed it.  Much more episodes 4-6 than 1-3 which is all I asked for.

Going to the first showings in Swindon did mean that we got to see some really impressive costumes from Skywalkers fancy dress, including the owner himself in one of the best I have ever seen – a hand made Chewie complete with Bowcaster!!  Obviously I got a selfie with him, I mean, thats what you do now isn’t it?  Was great fun and I recommend you all get your asses to the cinema and watch it.

20151216_223950 20151216_224910

In other Star Wars news I have managed to somehow get Nikki to agree to let me restart my childhood further by building back up my original collection of figures.  Im putting it here into the public domain so that she can’t take it back….



Happy Christmas Eve everyone!


Weeks 29 – 32 Update

Well, that escalated quickly.  Week 32.  8 to go.  holy shit bags!

So much has happened in the last 3 weeks that 1 blog post just wont do it justice but here we go let’s try.

We moved into our house….finally.  It has taken some time and caused a lot of stress but we are in!  This was the photo that I got from Nikki to announce that she had the keys.  I don’t think any other photo can demonstrate happiness as much as this…


She did also ask me to carry her over the threshold as has been the tradition since Roman times apparently.  Well, I may get gym membership through work but come on, 30 weeks pregnant! I mean I’m not a muscle man.  She didn’t seem too keen on that as an answer so I agreed instead to pose awkwardly for a photo instead.  wpid-wp-1450035971392.jpg

We celebrated the only way a pregnant couple can, with unnecessarily expensive sparkling water from M&S and a dominos.


Moving in was relatively painless thanks to the herculean efforts of family and friends, though the hardest part was Keeping Nikki out-of-the-way and not carrying things.  She didn’t seem to like the idea of sitting in amongst piles of boxes on a camping chair drinking (decaf) tea.  The hardest part, and it really is a 1st world problem, was waiting 3 weeks for the internet.  I know.  I bet you assumed that I just used my phone.  Wrong.  I know.  archaic.  I was lost, what are you meant to do without internet!  it’s scandalous.  I’d like to say that it brought Nikki and I together more and that we sat up at night talking about how lucky we were or how much in love we are but we didn’t.  Nikki is asleep by 9 these days as she gets so exhausted so instead I just spent hours playing on Jelly splash on my phone in bed pretending it was Star Wars Battlefront cursing Sky.

We, well Nikki, has had the baby shower which seemed to involve 15 hormonal women screaming like banshees in our new kitchen whilst I hid upstairs building things from our Ikea order.  It also meant that due to the huge generosity of our friends that we are well on our way to filling Beans rooms with stuff.   We now have the bare minimums though.  Somewhere for bean to sleep, something for bean to travel around in and shed loads of things for bean to wear.  We even braved a bit of Black Friday and got this little beauty in Mammas & Pappas which normally falls into the “How F%@king Much?!” category:


We also attended the first part of our NCT course on Saturday too which was interesting.  I was actually really nervous to attend as group hugging type things have never really done it for me but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a whole day affair lasting from 9.30am to 5pm at our local community centre.  My fears were immediately relaxed at the site of 5 other slightly uncomfortable looking dads sat with their partners.  Amy the course instructor was really good and throughout the day we learnt about everything from pain relief options to water birthing benefits.  It wasn’t cheap but I can highly recommend the course already and we are less than half way through with an evening breast-feeding class to attend on Thursday and part 2 on Saturday.   It has already made me feel more confident with what I’m supposed to be doing and saying when the big day comes – other than shitting myself and probably crying in the corner of the room. After next week I am hoping that we will both be happier when faced with the business end of an angry nappy.

These blogs don’t seem to be complete without at least 1 reference to Star Wars so this week I have 3, well 2 and half.

Firstly we are only now 3 days away from the new film coming out and the nerd inside me is excited to the point of nausea! Me and a friend are going to the midnight showing on Wednesday which I can only assume will contain a cinema full of geeks virgins and the occasional sith lord!

Secondly Nikki pulled it out of the bag this year and did the nerd equivalent of Fluffing by getting me a Star Wars Lego advent calendar.  Just when you think Christmas can’t get any better they pull something like that out of nowhere.  Now admittedly I’m 33 so probably shouldn’t be impressed by such a thing but check this out…


That’s right.  A god damn Star Destroyer made from 12 pieces of Lego.  I feel like a kid everyday at the moment and on the box is a fricken AT-AT….

Lastly on the Star Wars front was the arrival of Battlefront in the post, a delightful gift of my older, equally geeky, brother.  Thanks Steve!  I talked about it before but my word its good.  Let’s leave it at that.


What I learned this week

  • I am responsible for a lot of things that when the big day comes that extend past just getting the three of us to the hospital
  • I am a nerd.
  • Black Friday can be a calm and useful affair