Weeks 25-28 Update

Into the 3rd trimester we go then with the passing of another 4 weeks.  I know that the theme of pretty much every post so far has been about time flying but it really has.  Its been another 4 weeks of mixed emotions too.

We have finally seen some positive news with our house purchase – in the last post I talked about moving out of our rental home and into the in-laws ready to get into our first owned family home.  Now that all went tits up following the collapse of the 5 strong chain above us which was devastating.  Nikki and I had both made the mistake of falling head over heals for the house and bought in totally.   When it looked like it was all over it was tough to say the least and keeping Nikki stress free even more so – saying “it’ll be OK” which was my default answer (and as it turns out, the right one!) seems to evoke more rage than being quiet!

So anyway, we are back on and we have a moving in date which seems to have woken the beast.  We are officially nesting, though we still have 2 weeks to wait, so our temporary living space is down to 3 inches squared spare.  The bank account has taken a pasting but we have started to get the bits we need, which is actually turning out to be more fun than I thought it would be.  The biggest purchase has come from Ikea, which includes the full nursery set.  I have to admit that it’s an amazing and relatively cheap way of kitting the place out.  Delivery ETA 3 days after we get the keys.

That being said, the best bit was this.  He will become beans best friend.  That is of course if I give it up.  He is bloody amazing!


It is one of Ikea’s new charity soft toys that is available this year with a donation for each one going to charity.  The video below shows how they created each one from the imaginations of children.

We have had another midwife appointment this past week, which passed without incident though we have experienced what they allude to on Friends.  We had a different midwife. dum dum duuuum!  On the face of it, not a problem and it really wasn’t her fault, but it really did make a difference.  We both felt as though we were starting from scratch again going over bits and pieces again.  It made us realise how much we rely on Becky!  We have been told we need to start thinking about our birthing plan and venue… all things that I will update next time once we have figured out what our options are.

I think that we have established that I can’t do a post without talking about Star Wars.  So this week we are building towards the best 6 weeks ever.  Next week we have the arrival of Battlefront, which has been secured and time booked in with the boss.  Then in December I have already booked the midnight showing of Episode 7.  I asked Nikki if she wanted to go and got a told in no uncertain terms no, so Im going with my mate Jeff.  Holy shit bag I can’t wait, after the embarrassment of the first 3 new films these have to be better, don’t they?!  The best part though is the merchandise that seems to be coming out at the moment.  There is so much.  On my lunch break last week I found this….. (Nikki hasn’t seen this yet so shhhh).  A Baby Wookie! A Mini Chewie.


I will end this week on a sadder note than normal as the saddest news was losing my dear grandma last month.  She was a beautiful woman and it pains me that she wont get to meet bean along with the rest of the family.  I think the funeral was one of the most emotional experiences of my life and it really drives home how delicate and short life is.  I will take great pleasure in telling bean about my nanna and will make sure that (s)he appreciates his/hers grandparents as much as I have mine.

RIP Nanna!


What I learned this week

  • The diversity of Star Wars related baby/toddler merchandise is incredible
  • The phrase “it’ll be fine” is, well, dangerous
  • Drunkenly referring to your wife as tubs/chubbs/fatty boom boom is not acceptable.  Even if it is to the family.
  • Family is precious.  If you have grandparents, spend more time with them!!