Weeks 21-24 Update

So.  Its week 24 and 4 major things have happened…

  • Newcastle United have become a source of further embarrassment
  • Nikki has overtaken me in the “biggest belly” contest (she doesn’t seem as keen for the trophy as I was)
  • We have moved out of our old rental accommodation that was our first marital home, ready for hopefully moving into our first proper owned home
  • The Battlefront Star Wars BETA has been released!

OK so maybe they’re not all major things but the Battlefront beta was amazing, I mean you can play as Vader for crying out loud…


Look, An ATAT….A Mother hubbing ATAT. sweet mother it’s good…sorry I’m losing track of what this blog is about.

So anyway, back to the main subject, Nikki, the pregnancy and the forever growing bump.  It’s been a relatively quiet few weeks with everything seeming to be progressing nicely.  Nikki can feel the movements now, which she has described as pops and so I think the daily reassurance that Bean is kicking about is nice.  I have felt the kicking too, I think.  The first time I’m fairly sure it was just a trick to make me put my hand on her belly so she could pass wind!

Feeling the movement though, wow, I can’t really describe the feeling that it gave me.  I think that it is the first time I have truly felt connected to it all.  That may seem odd this far in, but so far it has been on machines and in sterile hospital environments, but this was a moment at home between just the 3 of us and it was amazing.  I can understand now how some of the other dads that I have read have felt when they say they don’t feel attached to a pregnancy until they get quite far through.  Now I’m 100% involved though and it’s starting to feel very real.

Our house move is proving stressful with a number of issues coming to the fore in the last couple of days, most notably the possible collapse of our 6 strong chain.  Being at the bottom we are very much at the mercy of everyone else.  This has proved a testing time for the 3 of us with Nikki having to try extra hard to stay calm and not to take on the stress.  To be fair though she is coping admirably and always has one thought on bean. Living with the in-laws is great (especially for me with an abundance of food always on offer) but we are both getting a bit twitchy about getting in on time.  We are 15 weeks out now and face the prospect of losing our dream home.  What do we do if it falls through?  I’m not sure if we have the time to find and buy another in the time we have left!  Eeeek.

Not having our stuff is also difficult, it is currently being stored in a friend’s garage.  Incidentally if anyone wants a “start your own home kit” just find the garage and you have it*.  Getting this much stuff in one half of a garage was one of my proudest man moments…Big yellow my foot!


The Travel System
To help Nikki to keep calm and get those stress levels down we thought it a good idea to try a bit of retail therapy and go and buy our Travel system.  This is a new concept to me, the old travel system.  I’m fairly sure that I was pushed round in a pram/pushchair rather than a travel system.

We have spent quite a bit of time over the past few weeks reading reviews and trawling YouTube to find the perfect one.  We are very much ‘mid rangers’.  The iCandy and co were out and we very quickly settled on the Silvercross Pioneer.

Here it is.  The most expensive thing I have bought since my last car.  No doubt we’ll do some kind of review once we get close to the time but for the moment we are happy to just have something in the bag ready to go (and it came with a free car seat, bag and cup holder!).  We got it from Mothercare in the end as they have proved time and time again to be a great source of advice and they do have some great offers on.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 17.25.22


So there we have it another 4 weeks have passed and we move closer to the last trimester and the very real reality of becoming an actual dad.

What I learned this week

  • Organising a works do for your team on the night of you pregnant wifes birthday can and will bring with it pain and suffering
  • Battlefront is amazing
  • Our little bean is at the point where he could potentially survive outside of the womb.  That my friend, is insane.
  • The pivot scene from friends is impossible to not reenact when moving out furniture

*please don’t really steal all our stuff!