Weeks 17-20 – The Half Way Point!

So, another few weeks have passed without an update but here we are again – another milestone.  Possibly the biggest one yet….

On Wednesday just gone and we hit the 20 week point, which apparently is half way.  Which is insane as it doesn’t feel at all like half way, it doesn’t seem like yesterday since I found out that this was happening.  Nikki’s bump is continuing to grow almost by the day and she has the amazing glow that seems to come to every expectant mother that I have met.

The main update this week is that on Friday morning we had the 20 week “anomaly” scan.  We were both nervous (I tried to hide my nerves to keep things calmer for both of us) I think purely because of the name!  There are so many things that you hear about that could go wrong with varying likelihoods.

Some details of the scan, from the NHS website here: Anomaly Scan

We arrived in what we thought was good time, though in reality was actually 15 minutes late as we had the appointment time wrong and took our seats in a room full of other expectant parents and palpable tension.

Then it was our turn….The sonographer was lovely, as they always seem to be, and started the checks:

Head size – all good (a long-standing joke that my wife does not find funny is that I apparently have a slightly larger head than most…) and developing as it should

Heart – all good – this was fascinating watching the screen whilst all 4 chambers of the heart moved in a mesmerizing rhythm

Kidneys and bladder – all good aswell

This went on for a while in what was actually quite an intense period as she checked everything in order without really offering any feedback either way until finally she confirmed in an odly nonchalant way that everything was fine, which was a relief and a joy!

We decided not to find out the sex as we want the surprise of finding that out on arrival so we were amusingly told to look away now in the style of an ITN news reader.

What really struck me was how incredibly clear the scans were – the initial scan we had was amazing but this was like switching from my boyhood 14″ CRT (which actually had a built-in tape player too – one of the greatest gifts I can remember getting, apart from Skull Mountain of course) to my current 2nd hand 40″ Plasma (still trying to convince my wife that this needs to be upgraded soon! apparently nappies and wipes are more important).  The detail is astonishingly clear.

Here are some of the pictures we came away with…


The black dot in the middle of the above picture is his/her tiny stomach and the line above is a vein.

What I love about this picture is that you can see the tiny heart but also the definition of the face and nose.

We were both pretty speechless as we left the hospital happy in the knowledge that everything was going as well as it could be.

So now we have decided that we can start to buy a few things in preparation for Beans arrival, though not too much as we still havent moved yet and its muggins here that has to hump and dump everything.  That being said we have bought what we hope to bring him/her home in and it is so cute.  I mean who wouldn’t want their firstborn coming home in a tiny giraffe sleepsuit?!


I seem to be saying this weekly now but I simply can’t wait for February to roll around 🙂


What I learned this week

  1.  Waddle is a dangerous word
  2.  Solicitors are a nightmare
  3. The anomaly scan is the last scan of the pregnancy – for some reason I thought we would be there every few weeks!