Week 9 Update

So we jump straight into week 9.  I think the easiest way to keep track of this journey will be to update week by week with my findings and thoughts.

It turns out that although we only found out we were actually pregnant a couple of weeks ago we are already at week 9 which is the first of many milestones.

The maths to work out how far gone someone is appears to be a little bit mental.  It is worked back to the point of your partners last period rather than as I assumed which was to the point of conception.  So by the time you find out you are pregnant you could already be at the 6 week point. The test that we did said to contact the doctors straight away once you get a positive reading, and by the way we did about 6 tests just to make sure, ranging from a £1 for 2 tiny wooden sticks from Asda all the way through to a £12 one that told us how far gone we were.

Either way they all said yes.

We rang the doctor that same day on the way to work and were told that we needed to head in for an appointment with the midwife, but not until week 9.  For my wife this proved to be a tough few weeks as it was a sort of dead period where nothing really happens and we knew we couldn’t tell anyone as it was too early.  Even now we cant really, not everyone, though we have told our parents.  Many things you read give different advice on the subject but we felt it necessary to tell close family so that if the worst does happen we will have a support network there for us.


The Booking Appointment

The main event this week was the “Booking Appointment” – our first chance to meet our midwife for the next 7 months.  Becca.  She was really nice, though the appointment wasn’t what I was expecting.

It was a huge paperwork exercise.  The NHS must sure update its processes soon!  Either way the appointment is a chance for mum-to-be to ask any questions of the midwife and essentially to get booked onto the antenatal system for the local hospital. It is also where you get the first scan booked in for the 12-13 weeks stage.  They also run through a host of questions about you and your relatives to build up a picture about what kind of things could crop up and if there are any hereditary conditions for them to be aware of.

Thankfully for us everything seemed to be fine and we are to follow the “standard” track in terms of our antenatal care program.  Result.

We left happily logged into the system and clutching a “Bounty” pack which is full of information leaflets and samples for the other half to try.  We also now have “the tome”.  This is the other half’s info pack/notes that we have to keep in the car at all times and take to all appointments.

What freaks me out now though are the tests that we are going to be offered and the seemingly endless list of things which could go wrong.  I know its unlikely but somehow knowing about them makes it worse – maybe ignorance really is bliss?


What I learned this week

  1. Don’t joke about the birth.  Like at all.  I tested the waters with this and it went down well, lets just say badly.
  2. Cravings can come and go without warning.  Yesterdays must have food can be today satanic bile.  Currently cheese puffs from M&S are on the good list.  Tomato Juice has swung onto the naughty list.
  3. Sleep is the order of the day.  be prepared for lots of TV watching or in my case PS4 playing whilst the Mrs gets another early night.  I’m already level 35 on CoD!
  4. Mood swings are real. nuff said.

I think that’s it for this week.  We now have another down period where nothing really happens for a while.

Roll on the scan!

The Journey Begins

So.  It has happened.  After getting married only 2 months ago I got the amazing news that my new wife was pregnant!


Life changed forever with the shake of a very cheap looking cardboard stick.  2 very distinct lines indicating that it had happened.  We had both created a life!

We have talked about it and indeed have planned it.  We are both in our early 30s so we knew we didn’t want to wait around but I think we both thought that it would take a little longer and to be honest had feared that we would struggle to make it happen.

But yay it has happened!!  Now what though…. Crap. I’m absolutely not prepared at all…!

Once the joy of the moment subsided slightly I found myself stood in the garden thinking about how totally unprepared I felt for someone else in this world to look at me and call me dad. To look to me for the comforts in life and the protection.  I’m only just used to the responsibilities of marriage, now its gone to marriage+

The idea of this site is for me to be able to so share my thoughts, almost I guess like a diary, and hopefully in a few months time some other new dads will look at this and it might help to subside the panic some what.  It probably wont be full of advice if I’m honest,  I can already see it being a site that I use as a type of therapy.

There are loads and loads of mummy type blogs out there and they have already proved to be a great source of information but for me, I want to see an honest appraisal of what it means for a dad to “be pregnant”.  What can I expect? What should I know?  What will I find out?

As a first time dad I wont even pretend to be an expert, in fact, I’m totally the opposite.  An idiot is probably closer to the truth, but lets see.

For the moment we are too early for me to put any kind of names up and we havent really told anyone, parents aside, so for the moment I will go simply by the name dad on here.  Dad.  wow.

With the support of my wife I’m sure ill get through this testing 9 months.