Harry The Film Critic

Well that’s embarrassing. 2 months have somehow managed to sneak by without me getting my ass in gear with a blog or 2! Quite a lot has happened with Harry passing 9 months old, but most shockingly of all for some, this weekend, we had to take drastic action and attempt to take the bouffant.  […]

Harry The Christian

Another eventful month and a bit in the life of little Harry with a few updates to take you through! Firstly and most importantly, Harry now lies still enough that I can face swap him using Snapchat – surely the pinnacle of any parents life.  I’m sure you would agree that the results are fabulous.  […]

Harry The Olympian

I write this weeks blog whilst eating a Twix and watching the Olympics.  Never have I felt so out of shape, though I’m fairly sure this pommel horse nonsense must be easy, though not sure I could actually get on the horse, let alone do some funky break-dancing on one! Our own Olympics has been […]