Harry The Camper

The last thing one of my colleagues said to me as I left work before the Easter break was “Are you F***ing mental!?” and as I got into my car I actually thought that I might be.  We had, you see, booked to go camping in Salisbury, with a 1-year-old.  We both went as kids […]

Harry the One Year Old

Right, so embarrassing bit out of the way. I almost did what apparently 95% of bloggers do these days and gave up. Not because I wasn’t enjoying writing about our little man, but because I missed my self-set deadline for doing a monthly post, then another, then I thought it was too long since my […]

Harry The Film Critic

Well that’s embarrassing. 2 months have somehow managed to sneak by without me getting my ass in gear with a blog or 2! Quite a lot has happened with Harry passing 9 months old, but most shockingly of all for some, this weekend, we had to take drastic action and attempt to take the bouffant.  […]